Howdy, folks.

This is it. The beginning, the start, the commencement. Can you feel the excitement brewing? The palpitations quickening? Where are the fireworks? Never has a pair of scissors been so exciting (okay, except Edward Scissorhands).

I started this blog almost exactly one year ago and never wrote a single word. Actually, my intentions were never to fill it with words but rather to upload and document my scissor snipping, glue sticking, magical paper ways. So why, one year later, am I so inspired to actually start posting?

Because yesterday I revealed one of the most public displays of my artwork EVER, but I will get to that in a moment.

Ever since I can remember I have always made cards. They began as bad clip art images from Microsoft Word composed of candles, cakes and snakes with birthday hats. Proudly, I have progressed. In high school I made cards, books, and a variety of 3rd period art projects for my Spanish class.  In fact, next time I head home I am definitely snapping a photograph of those vintage (and rookie) pieces. They will prompt a good laugh out of me and probably a hint of shame. My mother can attest to the hours I have spent sitting on the living room floor, hunched over and hard at work. Heaven only knows how much glue I got on the carpet.

Nowadays I have acquired nicer paper, sharper scissors, and a quite a few sets of X-Acto knives. But I have to thank a few people for helping me cut what I cut best. Such as my one and only art class in high school (Mr. Hendricks!) for showing me that I can actually sketch in a notepad and make it look good. Thanks to my mom, brothers, and nephew who always let me practice my skills on their birthdays and holidays. Thank you to every one of my friends who inspire me to make creations even beyond my expectations. Last, but not least, Elmer’s school glue.
Okay, Okay let’s get to the art, right?  Since I believe that pictures are better than words!

Here is the story and the reason for the excitement: I currently work for an environmental consulting firm in Philadelphia. One of the head engineers is heading out of the office and moving to Singapore (um… awesome).

I offered up my skills in creating his going away gift. The head honchos (and honch-ess) always regard their meetings as “the fish bowl”:  ideas, thoughts, comments and actions always circling like fish in a bowl. Long story short I created caricatures of them swimming around, with Dwayne jumping out (on his way to  a new place and perhaps a different fish bowl of his own).

Fish Bowl Draft

Fish Bowl Final

I love to create things that have a story and life of their own. Somehow my cards (or in this case, my giant framed artwork) always seem to create themselves. I simply glue the pieces together (totally cheesy art lingo, huh).

BUT REALLY…I love to make things out of paper. I love to make a gift or a card or a note so memorable you NEVER take it off your refrigerator! I have a folder full of pictures and stories to match, so hopefully I will be uploading again soon.

snip snip!


(p.s take a closer look at the fishies below. enjoy!)


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