without borders

Hello out there! It is my second post, yay! I was planning on posting images of some old cards I have made, but I was offered the wonderful opportunity to donate artwork to the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of Engineers Without Borders 2010 Fall Fundraiser. On a global scale, this local chapter works in Rwanda, the Philippines, and El Salvador to provide clean drinking water and improve health standards (and so many other things, too).

One of my lovely co-workers is a member of the organization and happens to be part of the planning process for this year’s event. After seeing my fish bowl creation she asked if I could make something for the silent action. Of course!! Amid piles of pre-calculus homework and a field trip to some wetlands in southern New Jersey, I squeezed in time to make a collection of greeting cards to be auctioned off this Thursday. I have to say that they are really fun cards and I would like to keep them for myself. Hopefully that means they will silently accrue lots of money to donate to this fabulous organization! I will also be attending the event, so I look forward to an awesome night.

I got the idea for these cards last Easter when I made a special pencil sketch card for a dear friend. At that time I wasn’t able to actually make them out of paper so I thought I could use the idea again.  I knew this event would be a great opportunity to try them out, so I picked some of my favorite eggs (and the ones I hoped would spark interest in scientists and engineers alike).

Check out my 4 card collection below… and I promise to take some pictures at the event and post them too! Oh, and I will let you know how much they sold for!

the eggsplorer

the lunar egglipse



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