Benjamin’s Birthday

Since the Engineers Without Borders Fundraiser isn’t for a few more days, I thought I would quickly share an old card story and photograph.

Although it seems like yesterday that my nephew was born, he actually turned 6 years old this year. SIX!?! I don’t know how that happened but he is growing up fast. Luckily his Auntie K loves to make him birthday cards every year (a little self promotion here). Sadly I didn’t start taking pictures of my cards until recently, so I don’t really have a good record of those cards.

His birthday theme for this year: SCIENCE! A perfect topic for a rock-loving aunt to think about. Long story short, he planned a party with wacky science experiments, safety goggles, and green goo! I really only had one image in my head, and I am glad I could turn it into a card!

Check out Benjamin in the middle of all sorts of explosions! It actually looks just like him, or at least I think so. 🙂

It was a fun one to make and I love adding to his birthday card collection!

snip snip hooray!

Benjamin's 6th Birthday!

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