My friend Anne gets some of my most outrageous creations, mostly because we share a unique (and ridiculous) sense of humor.

This particular card was of special importance because about a year ago Anne was bucked off her horse, Violet (sounds very similar to violent…but her horse is actually quite nice).  Apparently she was sent to the ER and stayed in the ICU for a few days, although I found out about this a few days later. I chatted with her on the phone a few times to get the story, only to find out she was so drugged up that she actually never remembered talking to me. It was a frightening time and I was very worried about her. Luckily she made it through with only some bad bruises, a collapsed lung, and a sliced kidney (only?!?).

Any worried friend would slap a stamp on a “get well” or “thinking of you” card and get it in the mail, but due to our friendship my thought process went a little something like this:

Injured friend = make her laugh
Type of injury = sliced Kidney
The word sliced = slang for violence

Of course, I would never think twice about sending such a card to Anne because I knew she would laugh and feel better. I sketched up her innards, threw on some tattoos, mustaches, and created a completely stereotypical look of an angry pair of sparing kidneys.

Dueling kidneys

I think it did the trick because she is all better… even married with a baby on the way!

4 thoughts on “kidneys

  1. Hi Katie, I got here through your comment on my blog! I just wanted to say that this card is awesome, and I would totally buy it if it were for sale. It is awesome that you and your friend get each other’s weird humour. :]

  2. I just saw this up! Tee hee 🙂 You are the sickest person I know, and that’s why you are the most awesome person I know!

    Haha. Kidneys are all better now!

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