the giblets come out to play!

Along with the millions of other people giving thanks, I too am thankful for the many things in my life that allow me to be safe, warm, dry, fed, active, healthy, and happy.

Most of all, I am thankful for my family. Unfortunately, I rarely get the opportunity to see them (minus my annual journey home for Christmas). I have decided to dedicate this post to them – a tribute to their constant encouragement of my craftiness and their willingness to always accept my creations. I wish I could abandon my incorrigible disposition to live all over the place and live closer (eventually!!).

So my dear family and friends, have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Travel safely, fatten your bellies, snooze on the couch, and take a gander at the gallery of cards I sent home for the holidays (and yes, this was the final destination for the itty bitty hand turkeys: s

Cin Cin!

"mini" thanks to you!

4 inches... 3 turkeys

and then there were three

mashed pototoes

only if you're a vegetarian of course...

For more pictures check out the photo library( Have a safe holiday weekend! come back soon 🙂


4 thoughts on “the giblets come out to play!

  1. Oh Katie… very thoughtful. It makes me love you and miss you even more. I hope your Thanksgiving Day was filled with laughter, great companionship, and marvelous vittles! And once again, the loving Matatt family has given you safe haven during a holiday. Thank you all! AND, enjoy being AWAY from work and free from all the entrapments that go with it! Play like there’s no responsibility! Take care; I love and appreciate you…….

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