a little bit frosty

To accompany my card today, I decided to re-write a popular holiday jingle. It goes a little something like this:

Oh! Frosty the snowman
Is an urban-tale they say
He was made of snow
But west Philly knows
He’d only last for half a day…

This rendition pulls from my experience of building a snowman last winter (rest in peace Mr. Biscotti face) who was immediately karate chopped by a neighborhood kid. I yelled in disbelief from 4th story apartment, however my hollers were lost in the snow laden blizzard winds whipping by the window. Oh well, at least he survived face down in a snow drift for many weeks after his fateful fall!

thumpity thump thump

over the hills of snow!

smallest snowman ever!

5 thoughts on “a little bit frosty

  1. I totally pulled out my ruler to see how small 1/3 of an inch was. WHOA! That’s a tiny snowman. He is made from, like, a single snowflake.

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