3 weeks ago…

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks since the apartment fire… whoa.

Somehow it feels like a year has gone by but the images, emotions, and weariness are still fresh in my mind. With long-term housing figured out, I feel like I can now begin to jumpstart a life that was abruptly halted.

Family, friends, and strangers have shown unhindered kindness and generosity that has been truly inspirational. Never will I doubt that in times of need a community can come together and support one another!

The help I have received has given me the time and resources to finish something I started long before those flames ate my paper! I had previously been working on a project for a wonderful couple in Denver who had asked me to make some baby artwork. My pictures were sketched out and I had two out of the three pieces complete when… obviously… the unmentionable occurred. I had been right on schedule to get the artwork out to them around mid-January!

As I began to work again, I struggled with the feeling that the artwork was not my own but eventually got right back into the swing of things. This work has become much more than an adorable compilation of baby animals – it has become a healing process to rekindle my skills as an artist and to prove that no matter the circumstance I can continue to do the things I love!

Each baby card is 5″ x 7″. Please enjoy the artwork for little Wynn, Marlo and Ever (and wish them long and healthy lives)!

Enjoy! By the way, you can view my photostream on flickr: Click HERE!

Meet the gang.. here is Marlo, Wynn and Ever!

Welcome to the world little Ever!

baby whales are so darn cute!

Welcome to the world, Marlo (in a month or so)!

woo woo. woo are you?

Hi Wynn!

happy faces for happy babies!

7 thoughts on “3 weeks ago…

  1. You go girl! That is amazing. I’m impressed that you’ve been able to focus on that after everything we’ve been through, and are STILL going through! I know I can barely think past my work responsibilities before I become overwhelmed by the reality of starting over, as well as keeping up with everything we’ve been discussing on Help The Windermere. Never mind trying to get that information to the residents without email! It’s been a full time job. I wish I worked in paper! I miss my paints, my brushes, and all of my other expensive art and craft materials! I’m happy to see that you’ve been able to find a way to cope, move forward, and make art! More power to you!!!

    • Thank you Lara. I am very fortunate to work with a medium that is highly accessible and affordable. I really hope that you can get your hands on some art supplies. What type of supplies did you have? Were you just a painter? Maybe I can look for supplies for you! We’ll all be making award winning art after this experience!!

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