crafty beginings

Ahhhh, the early years of high school are back to haunt me. Okay, maybe I brought this upon myself for posting them, but that is not the point.  When I was home during the holidays I had quite a laugh while sifting through my early years of artwork. I didn’t always make cards, except for the occasional Mother’s Day and Easter Card. I really began my craft making art projects for class; more specifically I made nearly every project in my Spanish class out of paper (thank you for the freedom, Ms. Palubeski). I am fairly certain I used every opportunity to expand my skills. I have included some photographs below, and you can see that I have greatly improved (well, I hope you can tell)!

los arborles!

Los calcetines! I still remember that word, so clearly the artwork helped!

definitely an interesting pair.

i remember this one being a challenge...

most uncomforable jeans ever


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