I am super excited about this piece of artwork! My friend Paul wanted to give something to his mother, who in her wise age, recently received a Master of Theology degree. To celebrate her accomplishment and the subject matter, we decided on a theme of the dogwood tree.

It was a great decision! I think I need to create a flower/plant series because this piece came out so beautifully. It was a bit challenging, but well worth the time and effort. I think I am going to try my hand at making a digital re-print, and keep a frame of it myself (or anyone else interested)!

Fact of the day: The colorful “petals” of the dogwood are actually called bracts. They are often misinterpreted as the flowers but are actually modified leaves. The real flowers bloom out of the small yellow objects in the center of the flower!

The piece is 3.5″ x 5″


the first stages

I was lucky to get a color scanned copy

close up on the bracts, buds and branches

teeny tiny branch

2 thoughts on “Dogwood

  1. Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving your address. So sorry to hear about the fire… I would love to send you something if you’d let me know your new mailing address– just e-mail me! :]

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