a baby meets a hippo

Although this is 3 months belated from the actual event… Congratulations Anne & Jonathan (for making a gorgeous little girl)!

The best part is that I finally got to meet the little angel a few weekends ago and she is a keeper. I was super excited to finally present her with a piece of my artwork (although not actually to her, since she was napping). Aria’s mamma graciously accepted the artwork on her behalf, who I was also excited to see since I had not seen her for a year.

It was a wonderful weekend and now I have some photos to share. yay. Anne is a big animal lover so of course her little Aria would appreciate some animal artwork of her own (and it fits in with the decor). I choose to make a friendly hippo with a fellow cattle egret companion atop its back… I swear it happens, check out a real photo here.

Artwork measures 5″ by 7″,  Egret Measures 1″ by 1.5″,  Hipp0 measures 3.5″ by 3.5″



2 thoughts on “a baby meets a hippo

  1. It’s our most precious piece of artwork! It looks so great framed. I swear your pictures don’t do your artwork justice, even though they look amazing in the pictures!

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