postin’ some wedding oldies

While I work on a few new projects, I thought I’d post some oldies. Last August when my friend Anne got married, the other bridesmaid and I conspired to make a top-secret photo album for her and her  man-to-be. I even got their parents and siblings in on the deal, having them write letters, stories, and gather photos. I don’t actually have images of the album pre & post-construction, but parts of it (the front cover) did make an appearance during the wedding shoot. Since the event was so GORGEOUS and the photographer (susan pacek) was so AMAZING – the photos were featured in a wedding blog (along with a snapshot of my work).

Click here to see it my artwork:

Click here for the rest of the wedding:

… as for the bachelorette party, I made the bride this themed invitation (I think you can guess where we went). I can’t believe that was just over a year ago, boy how time flies!


vegas, baby.

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