thumbprint tree

After making my very first thumbprint tree for my brother and new sister-in-law, my cousin asked me to make a tree for her wedding as well. The big event was a few weekends ago and although I could not be there in person, I was there in artistic spirit. They live in my hometown of northern California so when she asked if I could do a theme involving robins and oak trees  – I knew the design would be familiar to me.

Their two little girls are represented as chicks in a nest and the two lovebirds are proudly perched out on a branch to the right. It was a really fun (and very large) project.  I luckily got it out the door and in the mail before hurricane Irene arrived to disrupt the entire eastern coast. Sorry for the crazy colors. It happens when you decided to take pictures at night.

Measures 16” by 20”


Thumbprint Tree

Kayla & Gary

Thumbprint Tree

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