custom card

My goodness the holidays are a busy time! I have a full plate of things to do and not enough time to squeeze it all in. However, I do have some artwork to share and more to come! I was recently asked to create a card for a family that lost their father to illness. Have experienced this myself I was more than happy to create something.

My co-worker is one who had asked me to make the card and wanted to send them a card that was a little more personal. She told me that her friend’s father had constructed many rock walls in the woods behind their home and she wanted to make sure that feature was included in the card. After a few iterations I decided on a rock wall in the forest accompanied by a family of birds.

I happened to be out in the rolling hills of upstate New York the weekend I made this card – so I literally took a 2nd look around to try to capture the feeling and details I wanted to recreate. Turned out wonderful!

Measures 4″ by 6″


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