long time, no see

Wow folks… have I been slacking on the blogging front or what? I have so many excuses of course, but I will only share the most photo worthy.

It just so happens that I am now the proud parent of Lassen, a four-month old golden retriever. He is playful and smart and active… hence the lack of time devoted to sharp scissors, Xacto knives and long hours at a desk. The second major excuse is that I recently moved and therefore my trusty tools are more or less scattered in several boxes in a variety of locations.

To commemorate (and serve as proof) that I indeed have a puppy and moved, here is a picture of Lassen lending a helping paw:

Lassen's attempt at packing

Ha! Thanks, buddy! I am now trying to hit the ol’ healing mat with full force (when not tending to the pooch) and I have some fun projects lined up. Hope to get them sketched out, cut out and posted soon!

That’s it for now, Cheers!

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