check out this foxy mamma

This post is dedicated to a lovely co-worker of mine who happens to sit right next to me and who also happens to be very pregnant! She only has a few weeks to go, so for about a month or so some of us were plotting and planning behind the scenes to throw her a surprise baby shower (in the conference room no less). Since she is literally my work-neighbor, I often chatted her up about the baby room, decorations, colors and all the other critical details an artist needs to help make something extra-special. She, I assume, thought I was just being curious… but she now knows my real motive!

After finding out she was going to have a forest theme for her baby boy, I opted for the oh-so-adorable mamma and baby fox (aka kit, thanks for reminding me Ben!). I made this card a little larger than normal to be sure everyone had a spot to sign and give their congratulations. The party was a success, as was the card, and she even wore her baby shower dress to work that dayโ€ฆ a lucky coincidence!

All in all, the foxes turned out pretty darn cute. I had so many favorite photos… so this post as a lot of them!

Sketching out the foxes

fox parts

mamma fox

mamma and kit

mamma and kit #2

And most importantly…Congratulations, Angie!!!

the real mamma fox!


9 thoughts on “check out this foxy mamma

    • I’ll let her know she is extra lucky to sit by me… and then she’ll likely smack me! But she won’t, because she is too sweet! Thanks for stopping by! ๐Ÿ˜€

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