georgiana sweet pea

To wrap up my three-part baby name project (the other two being Kate Elaine and Gabriella), I finally have little Georgiana Quinn to share! This little baby girl is likely growing up to be a little sprout herself as she was born back in October of 2011.  Their family just moved into a new house…. so I wasn’t able to get much background on the colors or themes or styles for the baby.

What I did know (or rather was told) was that Georgiana’a mother was very practical, loves to cook and enjoys gardening. Since spring is in the air (or has been for weeks now) I was inspired by all the gardens getting prepped and ready for the growing season.  Georgiana’s name fit so perfectly with a sweat pea (maybe because I kept saying in my head with a little southern twang) that I had to choose it to go along with her name. Plus,  what little baby isn’t a sweet pea?

For those of you aren’t familiar, these are the blossoms of a sweet pea vegetable and come in both vibrant and delicate shades of pink, blue,  purple, red and white. I definitely remember growing up with these flowers in our garden and eventually enjoying the veggie too! I hope Georgiana grows up to be a little sweet pea of her own!

Artwork Measures 5” by 7”


Sketching it out

finished product

little sweet pea

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