Pichu, Party Time!

It is already that time again… Benjamin’s Birthday!  As some of you know,  I have been making a card for my nephew Benjamin since he was a wee little lad (there have been rocket shipsscience experiments, and even a Yoda). Yesterday Ben turned 8 and I can’t even believe how big and bright and smart he is! I only get to see him a few times a year, so I have to load up on the awesome Auntie K spirit in the form of a birthday card.

So what is this year’s theme? Pokémon! Behold the loveable Pichu!


Known for their playfulness, these little tykes are a type of tiny mouse Pokémon. Those little rosy cheeks are actually pouches used to store electricity which they can recharge on days with thunderstorms or when the air is super dry.


So Silly! I hope you all enjoyed your Pokémon lesson of the day! Oh, and by the way, that says “Party!” in Japanese at the bottom. Fitting for an action birthday card, right? 😀


Good thing Skylar and Zade have birthdays in the fall – I still have plenty of time to plan for their cards! Man, these kiddos keep me busy!

Happy Birthday Ben, Enjoy!

Snapshot of the birthday boy 


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