save the dates!

Having dabbled in the world of weddings just twice before with a couple of thumbprint trees (one for my brother and the other for my cousin), I got myself into some paper artistry to help my oldest brother. He and fiancé asked me (way back in October) if I they could use my paper skills in the design of their save the dates. And of course, I said yes! Wedding pun intended.  Their big day is taking place at a small vineyard in Napa, outfitted with wine barrels, rustic views, and some of our ma’s vintage mason jars.

They wanted to incorporate the jars into the save the dates, so we (and by we, I really mean my brother) took a variety of photographs. He had photographs of plain jars, jars with candles, jars with candles and ribbons, jars from the left and jars from the right. We finally chose the right shot and utilized some photo editing techniques to posterize the image.

From then on it was all paper and minute details and tiny fragments of color. Unfortunately I didn’t really capture a lot of the process, but did snap some photographs along the way.

A snapshot along the way

I finally finish by Christmas (oh yes, 3 months of work) because I could usually only spare a few hours here and there after work and on the weekend.

side by side

The original paper art was then turned back into a digital copy where it was ultimately used as the image for their post-card style save the date. Check it out!

Final Illustration

No, I didn’t make 100 mini paper mason jars, but the project was really rewarding. I learned a few new techniques and totally stocked up on paper while trying to match colors (I’ll tell ya, those brownish-reds were hard to come by). As my past work will show,this is a new style for me – and I can’t wait to make something of this caliber again soon! My scissors are itching to snip!

I think I have some shots of the postcard on my fridge… so stay tuned for more pictures! Enjoy!

Original Mason Paper art measures 8” by 11”

Photograph, Posterized Version, Final Paper Version


7 thoughts on “save the dates!

  1. What an incredibly special piece. I love using the computer to help aid processes.
    Beautifully done. 🙂

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