Mermaids (Las Sirenas)

My, oh my! I have been a busy bee with some fun projects but haven’t had the time to post about them… so, here we go!

I had the pleasure of creating a birthday gift for little Ms. Sienna who happened to turn 6 years old a few weeks ago (happy belated birthday, sirenita)! Last year, her lovely mother asked if I could recreate their annual trips to visit family in Puerto Rico, especially kite flying at the Castillo San Felipe del Morro. This year, it was all about las sirenas (more commonly known as mermaids in english). She wanted something made that somehow included the gals hanging out in the deep blue sea – as mermaids of course!

I have done may fair share of depicting fishy characters, but mermaids were a first. It was fun to do a little content research on the web and I have to say there are a lot of interesting artists out there re-creating mermaids in their own unique way!

I hope ya’ll enjoy my interpretation of this mamma and daughter mermaid duo! They are a pair of awesome ladies and it is always a pleasure hanging out with them. Kids (especially Sienna) are so wonderfully imaginative and it is always a fun experience to follow and re-create their interests in paper (and also see how long those interests stick around)! Can’t wait to see what next year brings! 😀

Enjoy! Mermaids measure 5″ by 7″.

Sketching out the Mermaids

Cutting out the pieces

Las Sirenas!

mamma and daughter!

4 thoughts on “Mermaids (Las Sirenas)

    • Thanks! I have dabbled in a few personal side projects but I would love to do a paper-illustrated book. I think that would be awesome, especially with a fun, creative team!

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