A happy 100

In June, I had the pleasure of attending a pretty unique birthday party. Ms. Eleanor Fairbanks, a lovely woman and avid gardener living in Hoosick Falls, NY, turned the ripe old age of 100! It was a fun day full of her friends, family, bagpipes, speeches and cake. There was even an amazing presentation that was put together to re-cap the last 100 years of our history, all of which she has lived through. It is incredible that she her childhood was absent of sliced bread (which was invented in 1928, by the way)! I am sure she never imagined that she would see what the year 2012 looked like, but she is going strong and staring 2013 in the face!

She still gets out of the house and tends to her flourishing garden, so to celebrate her birthday I created this Stargazer Lilly inspired card. I didn’t have a lot of time to spend on it, only had a few hours the night before her party, but the story behind the card was so fun and memorable that I couldn’t resist sharing!

Stargazer Lilly

As I snapped this picture of the sassy & witty birthday girl I said… “Okay Ms. Fairbanks, Smile”! She looked at me straight on and said “oh, I don’t smile for pictures” to which I replied, “well, then… scowl!”

Happy 100th!

4 thoughts on “A happy 100

  1. Beautiful lily! Wow, she is such an inspiration… just look at her stylin’ the double shirts. Was that bike in the background a gift by any chance?!

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