ben and courtney

I first met Ben by accident because he was filling in for a friend on a co-ed football league that I was asked to play on one summer. We only lasted one football season but were soon playing on a soccer team in west Philly. When I got my job, I realized that Ben and I actually worked in the same building for the same department (well, kinda). Long story short, after many more seasons of soccer and lots of new friends, Ben asked Courtney (another teammate) to marry him! They tied the knot in upstate New York with no shortage of friends, family and fun times.

I have to thank Ben because much of my Facebook publicity (which is few and far between on my part) most often comes from him being a very kind advocate of my work. I think he was one of my first blog readers so he should be reading about himself right now! Haha!

When he finally asked me to make a card for Courtney for their one year anniversary I was very happy to do so! Having seen some of the pictures from their wedding and also being pretty familiar with the area where they were married, I felt was excited about the image that popped up in my mind when he asked “can there be a barn in the country with maybe a sunset with heart shaped sun”. I think he may have also suggested a little light shining in the barn but I had to abandon that idea for some colorful buntings in the doorway and window (which I knew Courtney had made for their wedding day since she is a quilting extraordinaire).

This card actually turned out pretty cool but I just wish that the pictures could do a better job of showing the end result! For me, it is kind of like getting to the end of really great hike. You climb up to the tippy top, snap a few commemorative photographs and soak in the experience. Then you get home, download the pictures and swear the colors were brighter and the clouds had more character and the view was really way more outstanding.

Okay, maybe the card wasn’t equivalent to mountaintop hike (I may be getting a little sidetracked on my lack of photography skills). The most important part and what I really want to say is…
Happy Anniversary Ben and Courtney!!

Enjoy! Measure 5” by 7”

a northeastern sunset

dancing trees

the wedding barn

country wedding

and a fading sunset…


2 thoughts on “ben and courtney

  1. I have to agree. I was lucky enough to see this in person and the photos don’t do this price justice. It was beautiful, romantic, and cute!

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