she sells seashells

Before I dive into the artwork – I wanted to welcome you all to my new blog layout. I hope you all dig the change! I am still getting used to it myself but it is nice to fluff the pillows and rearrange the furniture every once in a while.

Now on to the paper – this project was the first of its kind for me. I was asked to make some wedding favors for a bridal shower back in August. I don’t actually know the bride and groom but I think they had plans for a beachy wedding – either near or at the shore.

I made 14 favors (each with 3 different shells), so in the end I think I cut about 80 seashells…including the ones I kept for a keepsake. My fingers were feeling it after this project for sure.

As usual this was a fun new challenge and I will be posting pictures (hopefully sooner than later) of the large wedding gift I was asked to make for the couple as well.

But…can’t give away too many details in one post!

Enjoy! Measure 4” by 6” ( times 14!)

5 thoughts on “she sells seashells

  1. Katie, I really like your new blog design. I especially enjoyed going through all your photos and seeing a BUNCH not viewed before. Keep it going!!

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