riley kathryn

I was honored when a fellow blogger and artist (that’s you Gale!) reached out to me to a make some baby name artwork for a new arrival! I was pretty excited to make something for someone who isn’t a friend or a family member (let alone a fellow blogger on the big world-wide web)! I learned that the parents have a lovely long hairy Siamese that is part of the family so… why not a curled up kitten?

I decided to post a snapshot of my sketchbook. This is usually how it all starts – making a list of ideas and some notes (i.e. cat in mug?).  I usually do a few very quick sketches (i.e. bad sketch of cat in a mug). Then I end up doing something that would actually look nice on a nursery wall…

I learned a few things – such as spelling the baby’s name correctly BEFORE you take a lot of photos and send an update to the family! I have a lot of pictures of “Riley Kathyrn” … whoops! Here is an example… good snapshot, bad spelling:

Luckily they kindly pointed that out and still gave me wonderful compliments and happy faces! If you have some spare time, check out Gale’s blog and some of the beautiful artwork she creates:

In the end this piece was really quite adorable and I hope the new parents (and Riley Kathryn) like it too!

Meow! Measures 8” by 11”

5 thoughts on “riley kathryn

  1. I Love it Katie! Thanks for all your work on the project. I’ll have to post images SOON of the mamma & baby with your work on the wall. The family loves it in the nursery. 🙂

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