the martins

As promised in one of my earlier posts, this is the wedding gift I was asked to make for a to-be wed couple. The “M” in their last name is actually a modified “W” from the Wildwood sign ( ),  which is a popular summer destination over on the Jersey shore. Carrie (the lovely lady who asked me to make this and the party favors) wanted to incorporate the Wildwoods design into their last name and suggested flipping over the “W”. Great idea, Carrie!

Hands down the “w” was the biggest letter I have ever made!  Just for fun I used my 9 month old golden retriever as a model to show the size of the sign. Lucky he was more interested in laying down and less interested in putting his wet nose all over my paper project (which does happen).

Hopefully their sign will look nice and snazzy all framed up and on the wall of a beach house , hallway, game room or wherever ends up!

Enjoy! This bad boy measures 3’ by 1’!

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