Before the holiday break I was approached by one of our full-time student interns about making a thank you card on behalf of her a capella group. They had a few gracious donors support their troupe and they wanted to send along an extra special thanks via a handmade card (mine… whoop!!).  I donated the cards as well because they seem like a great group and I know student organizations appreciate all the help they can get.

When you have some spare time, check out their website (as they also happen to be Drexel University’s only all-female a cappella group):

Their next show is on December 7th and all proceeds are being donated to a firehouse in Staten Island working to help Hurricane Sandy victims. How awesome is that?! Here is the facebook link to the event information in case you are in town and looking for something to do:

Anyone interested in donating, supporting, listening or booking a gig with this fantastic group of ladies, email them at:

Enjoy! Cards measure 5″ By 7″.


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