buzz love

This is most certainly a hectic time of year, but before 2012 comes to an end I wanted to get in a post (or maybe even 2 if I am lucky).

This artwork was done for a little lady way back in October. If you are an avid reader you may recall I made a birthday gift for my bosses daughter last year (or you may just have to go look at these older posts:  here, here or here) . At that time she was in love with the sesame street gang, but as children grow so do their interests. This year, the master piece features Lexi with the Toy Story gang! She adores all things Buzz Lightyear and I am pretty sure she dressed up as him for Halloween this year. I probably put the wrong outfit on her for this artwork but I do have to say she has got some great taste in Disney characters, I love Toy Story!

I was pretty focused on getting this artwork done while I was making it – so unfortunately I don’t have a lot of documentation of the process. Hope these photos will do!

Enjoy! Finished product measures 8″ by 11″.




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