kumi monster

To round out the year 2012 I am posting this one last piece of work (even though it is from October)! I’d like you all to meet the kumi monster – who happens to be named after my sister-in-law. My oldest brother and kumi got married this past fall. As a small token of congratulations I transformed a piece of artwork my brother had sketched for her into a paper monster. The actual design was his so I can only really take credit for transforming into a paper cut version!

2012-09-17 08.53.50

the original kumi monster
credit: anthony shafer


paper cut kumi monster
credit: me

My ultimate idea was to make two monsters screaming “I do” to each other. Perhaps I will get around to it one day (maybe as an anniversary gift down the road). The piece ended up looking pretty cool – kind of feels like a cartoon character right out of a comic book.

That’s a wrap! Here’s a cheer to another year filled with ideas, papercuts, hard work, little projects, big projects, baby names, new challenges and loads of creativity.

Enjoy! The monster measures 5″ by 7″



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