9 years ago

Today marks 9 years since my father passed away from cancer. To all of those folks out there with an illness in their family, please be sure to get screened, get check ups, go to the doctor, kick and scream, and do whatever it takes to get well. With all the heartache and sadness that comes with losing a parent, I have learned that the experience is one I am often able to share when others are facing similar circumstances. Just a few weeks ago, a co-working lost her father to brain cancer and it was comforting to both of us to be able to share our stories and even a few laughs. My thoughts today go out to my mother, my brothers, my aunts and uncles, cousins, friends of our family and also to all those who have lost, are losing or will one day lose someone special to them.

Never did I think that 9 years later I would still be making artwork, nor did I ever think I would have a blog and share it with others. My… how the times have changed! Thanks to my dad (although he didn’t plan it) he is giving me an opportunity to share some of my artwork in honor of him.

Below are some of the images taken from the Relay For Life event that took place a few months after his death in my hometown. If you have never participated in Relay-for-Life , I highly recommend it. The money raised and volunteer work is amazing, but in my opinion, the best part is the peaceful and powerful image of those have been lost lighting the way for those that survive or are continuing to fight.

I am thankful to my family for letting me decorate his luminaria bag – I never knew I would one day share the experience with a greater audience. Looking back this is one of my most cherished pieces of artwork! 🙂


and finally a video:

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!








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