crazy town

I have a totally awesome project to share; However, I must confess that much credit must be given to the original designer of the artwork. Let me explain:

My fellow smithie and friend Lizzard (yes, that is her nickname) asked me to create an extra special piece of artwork. She prefaced the request by saying she had an idea that was likely unrealistic and potentially impossible but totally knew I could knock it out of the park. At that point I was hooked and had to accept the challenge – even if I didn’t know what she wanted.

The back story was that she and her boyfriend used to be pals when they lived in Philly. Time passed by and they started dating while living in Boston. All was well until he had to move down to D.C. for work. Lizzard and David are obviously sad because they now have to live so far apart so she wanted to send him something extra super cool (this is where I come in).

She then told me about a picture he had drawn for some kids while teaching (or maybe it was substituting?) a class in Philly. The sketch was called “Mr David’s Crazy City”. Long story short she wanted me to re-create his drawing out of paper. Due to the fact that this is a funky cityscape, I immediately had the image of bright graffiti in my mind. The style ended up being the perfect fit and I love the pop of color against the black. in fact, at times it didn’t even look like it was made out of paper.

Of course, the style and creativity of the original artist must be applauded and I am so glad I could make this! 😀 Hopefully Mr. David knows how much he is missed!

Enjoy! Measures 6″ by 8″


The cut paper version crazy town


The original Mr. David’s Crazy City


cityscape silhouette


Boston is crazy!


funky time in the city


Miss. Lizzard


Mr. David


smoke stacks and eyeballs


groovy school bus


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