ellery kane

I have to admit this piece of artwork is long overdue since little miss Ellery Kane was born nearly 10 months ago (so much for it being a “birth” day present)! Regardless, I am glad to have finally glued the last zebra stripe and successfully sent it on its way to a new home. To the best of my abilities I tired to stick with the theme of her sister’s artwork (check out that post HERE if you have a few seconds). I figured that years down the road, this would facilitate countless hours of bickering about who has the cooler animal and which one has the prettiest colors… the list of topics could go on and on. It is an evil plan…muhahaha…sorry Anne! 😛

Anyway… it was my pleasure to put this little work of art together and I have grown quite fond of the new bird species I have dreamed up. Hopefully the lovely parents of Aria and Ellery give me a breather before I have to make the next birthday artwork!?!

Enjoy! Measures 5″ x 7″






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