the magic kingdom

First and foremost I have to send a big shout to my mom on her birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!

To follow the birthday theme I have a great post to share about a card I made for Sienna’s big bash (which happened to be back in June)! This is the 3rd year I have made a birthday card/artwork for my co-worker’s daughter and I love working with Sienna’s mom because she always has a great vision for the artwork. Plus, it is always exciting to see what the plan is for the coming year with these two adventurous ladies!

A few years back, a made a card depicting the two of them flying kites in Puerto Rico (see post here). Last year, the theme went underwater as the two of them were beautiful mermaids of the sea (see that post here). This year Sienna’s big birthday bash was a trip down to Disney World with her mom, abuela, and abuelo (a.k.a her grandparents). How fun, right?!

As her mom and I talked through the design I knew it was important to include a few key parts in the artwork including the number 7, sienna’s pick frames, fireworks, the castle, and Mickey Mouse ears (personalized with each family member’s nickname, of course). I was a little wary of how to place all four of them watching the fireworks but after a while I really started to enjoy creating the exploding colors across the night sky. In the end I think it turned out to be a pretty good representation of a night out in the Magic Kingdom. Seems like a pretty good 7th birthday too!

A shout out to all the birthday boys and girls out there!

Enjoy! Card Measures 5″ by 7″.






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4 thoughts on “the magic kingdom

  1. Katie –

    The Magic Kingdom card is truly so very MAGICAL! We, all, love it. Sienna wants me to say thank you to you – for not only creating the card, but for covering it on your blog. Sienna also said that she really loves how you turned a firework into a seven. We had fun checking out your posts tonight. Sisi was very impressed by the heads you created too. Thank you for making this special gift for my baby girl every year. We adore you and your craftiness! Your cards are always the most exciting gift for for me to give to Sienna (and she LOVES getting them every year). Big love to you, Ms. Scissorhands!

    Tiffany & Sienna

    P. S. My parents LOVED that you made them look younger! 😉

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