Caroline and Arthur

The lovely Caroline and Arthur were married in a beautiful ceremony last month (thank you again for including me in the festivities)! As a gift to the couple, I wanted to make something that would remind them of their special day but would be a nice addition to their home as well. I had heard from a few helpful birdies that Carol was a pretty big fan of sunflowers (as am I!) so I thought I could try my hand at making some. I was going to attempt a small-ish bouquet but decided that one big bright sunflower would be best. I rounded out the rest of the artwork with their names and wedding date.

I just want to thank them both for all of the great music, dancing, laughter and fun! I think the flower came out pretty darn good and even matched the decor!

Congratulations! 😀

Sunflower measures about 6″ in diameter (entire piece is 8″ x 11″)




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