birds of peace

On a beautiful fall day a few weekends ago, I was fortunate enough to visit 1 of the only 2 constructed peace pagodas in the United States (this particular one is located in Grafton, NY). A short hike from a gravel road took us through a winding path filled with bright autumn leaves and small stacks of balanced rock towers – evidence of past visitors contributing to the living landscape.

We were able to walk the grounds of the pagoda, taking in the beauty of the building and also stepping inside the nearby temple where they had a small basket of paper cranes to take as a parting offer of peace. I left a little note in the guest book and grabbed one of the paper birds to remind myself of the beautiful day.


I highly recommend the detour if you ever find yourself in this region of country. The 2nd constructed peace pagoda is actually located nearby in western Massachusetts in the town of Leverett. It is very close to one of my favorite hikes on Mount Toby but I never been there! A third peace pagoda is currently under construction in the Great Smokey Mountains, which hopefully won’t be the last to be constructed in the US. I would love to take part in one of the lantern or flower festivals, but even a beautiful autumn day was pretty astounding.

Check it out!

Grafton, NY:
Leverett, MA:
Great Smokey Mountains:

So in honor of my day at the peace pagoda and for the good things that they stand for, I thought I’d post a few pictures of some special paper birds I made a few years back. Although they aren’t the traditional paper crane, I think they are spreading peace and love to their owner!



birds of peace



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