Tommy and the forest band

This post is going to be packed full of pictures because I couldn’t resist taking them while I was making this and I can’t seem to resist editing them down either.

This artwork has been many months (if not a year) in the making and I am glad to have finally passed it along to my lovely friend (and co-worker). She sits next to me and was very kind and patient to wait so long for it! You may recall I made a cute little fox card for Tommy’s mom during a baby shower we had at the office (or just click here to see it: Foxy Mamma). For that card I chose a foxy mamma and kit because she and her husband were going to have a forest themed nursery and I wanted to make sure the card fit in with their decor (in case she wanted to frame it… which she did). I just knew more fun artwork would be heading her way with that theme!

Now that Tommy is nearly 1.5 years old I have learned so much about him! He is pretty good at eating his veggies, loves music, looks adorable in plaid and even dressed up as a baby raccoon on his first Halloween. Too cute!

This design was actually pretty easy to dream up since I had visions of jamming forest animals in my head as soon as Angie mentioned having me make some artwork for Tommy. In my original sketch the fox was playing a tambourine, which looked great as a drawing but didn’t look great made out of paper. I eventually came up with the maracas and it turned out perfect (even more so because Tommy’s dad happens to be a high school Spanish teacher and may have used some maracas in his classroom a time or two).

Like I said, a lot of photos were taken during the process of making this and even more so of the completed little critters. I am very proud of this work and as I look back at some of my older creations, I am pretty impressed with my ever improving skills! A big shout out to all of my friends and family members who keep having babies…as you are allowing me to improve my craft with every project I make for your little ones!

Enjoy! Finished artwork measures in at 8.5” x 11”. Fox measures about 3”.


raccoon drummer


rough first sketch


final sketch on tracing paper


leftover scraps


tambourine to maracas switch up


completed fox and deer


full shot of the whole band


this one’s for you, tommy!

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