The great thing about being the youngest sibling is that your older brothers teach you a lot about life and pave the way for you. This is especially fun when one of those moments (and/or “pavements”) happens to be the road over the hill! Nothing like constant jabs and wheel-chair jokes from your little sister (this blog will probably fall into that category, sorry bro!).

My brother’s wife planned a big surprise party for the big 4-0. The party was “country fair” themed with the required attire of hats, boots, bandanas, belts and more. Folks were also expected to join in on some serious line dancing and to create a hand-made gift for an art show.

For my art submission I decided to stick to the medium I work best with (paper, obviously) and depicted my brother as a very old man (a fitting gift from your little sister). So in honor of your wisdom, your youth and your ability to swing that partner round & round… Happy Birthday! 😛

Enjoy! Measures 8.5″ by 11″




7 thoughts on “gramps

  1. Very cool! The first image looks like a painting, bot until you get closer up and you see the detail can you tell it is layers of paper.

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