logan james vs wolverine

When my friend and fellow teammate, Schaef, asked me to make some artwork for her nephew… I knew I was in for a challenge. When she requested having his name (Logan James) and Wolverine (yes, the comic) as the theme…I was downright stumped about what I would come up with. However, with a little time and what seemed like a few hundred sketches, I finally realized I could make an awesome comic themed design.

Although Logan’s dad is a huge fan of comics, I was pretty certain his mom probably wanted some artwork that she wouldn’t dread putting on the wall of the nursery. Wolverine wears quite the colorful bodysuit, so I tried to stick with some muted colors to give it some retro charm. I also tried to make wolverine a little more kid-friendly (because he is actually quite terrifying) and mimicked the font of the original wolverine comic book cover for Logan’s name.

This turned out to be one of my favorite projects & I was pretty impressed by my own skills! I am thankful for all of my lovely friends who keep me on my toes with their requests and push me to make incredible creations! I was even lucky enough to get Logan and wolverine together… check it out!

Enjoy! Finished piece measures 8″ by 10″.





image 3

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