super sisters

Over the summer my friend and former colleague asked if I could create a piece of artwork for her two daughters. I had previously made some fun artwork for her oldest daughter (Sesame Street and Toy Story), but now it was time to include the newest member of their family! The main idea was to showcase the sisters as superheroes. After comparing the finished product to the description their mom gave me, I think I hit the nail on the head:

“just cute girls – one big and one little – wearing capes and saving the day. Sunshine, rainbows, sneakers, pony tails and cuteness all welcomed”

She had literally painted an image of the two sisters saving the day right into my mind. After a few sketches and some color coordination I was cutting and gluing like a superhero myself. I am honored to have a small art gallery hanging in their home but I am also grateful that those two young ladies will be able to peer up their superhero selves, knowing they can do anything they set their minds to!

Enjoy! Measures 8″ X 10″.








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