layers of love

After taking a tour through my 2017 photo stream, I realized I had a few projects I never shared and decided it was time to step up my blogging game. I am posting these photos in particular because I am very proud of them. It is hard to believe I created these, but all I had to do is peek over at my ever-present paper scrap pile and dull Xacto knife collection to remind myself .

This project was inspired by my beautiful wife. In 2017, we shared our first wedding anniversary and I knew I wanted to make her something special.  After some research, I discovered that paper is the “traditional” first wedding anniversary gift. Really?! Paper is what I do best.  Many of my gifts to her have come in paper form, but I wanted to make this paper creation capture a moment from our day. Using a photograph from our incredibly talented wedding photographer, I transformed one of our favorite shots into layer after layer of paper. Check out the results:

I enjoyed the the final product so much that I wanted to create pieces for others that were recently married or celebrating an anniversary, so I did! I am pleased to say that the recipients loved their respective artwork. I have always dreamed of starting a legit side biz, and projects like these keep that dream alive. Enjoy!



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