About Me


hi. hello. howdy.

I was born and raised on pomegranate juice from the golden valley of northern California (hometown: Red Bluff). I don’t know how to surf, don’t live near the ocean, but I definitely know how to ski… so don’t believe all the stereotypes you hear about us Californians!

My special gift to the world is making cut paper artwork and I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by many talented family and friends that keep me inspired (can’t forget out the beautiful landscapes out there too). I mostly focus on personal and unique pieces for individuals, holidays, or special events. My skills have evolved over the years and will continue to…so for now making this illustrative paper art is a passion and pastime!

If you have an ideas or requests please feel free to drop me an email as I am always willing to collaborate. In addition, please contact me if you would like to discuss a project for someone or something special (meaning you need a totally awesome gift). My work comes in sizes both big and smallbut most importantly, I can make something just for you!

Come back soon, ya hear!


Email: katieashafer@gmail.com
Twitter: @katie_shafer

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Katie,
    I’ve been using paper cut outs for a while to decorate my pottery, but my main tool for that has been a pair of scissors… Do you have any suggestions for better paper cutting tools? I’ve been researching hobby knives and mats a bit, but thought I’d ask someone who already does some awesome paper cutting art. Thanks!

    • Hi! I am happy to answer your question! I actually used to only use scissors as well, but have recently converted to using X-Acto knifes more often. In terms of tools I highly reccomend a self healing mat as they are pretty awesome. I am pretty frugal so I have just a run of the mill one that is about 8″x11″ in size. Lately, I have been using the swivel X-Acto (http://www.xacto.com/Product/X3241 ). I was actually given this as a gift and had to get used to it at first… but now I use it all the time. Otherwise, I also stick with a standard No.11 A blade (http://www.xacto.com/Product/X211 ) and you can put it on any knife that is comforable for you – either the traditional metal ones or a more comfortable squishy one (i have both). The refill blades a pretty cheap ($2-$3). Just make sure that you match the knife size with the correct blade sizes.

      Hope that helps a little and be sure to post some of your projects, seems like a great idea to use paper with pottery! – Katie

  2. Hi Katie, thank you very much for stopping by my blog and following. I’m so pleased you did because you’ve introduced me to your work and I love it! I’m very happy to be following back and I’m really looking forward to keeping up to date with your posts. Best wishes, Rachel.

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